Audacity and Soundcloud for audio editing and publishing

Think audio is dead? Serial proved that wrong. But basic audio editing and publishing also is bread-and-butter for tasks like 911 calls for quick gonzo interviews, especially a critical quote to add authenticity, Without doubt, Audacity is the most powerful free audio editing tool. Then, one of the best publishing tools is Soundcloud, which generates […]

How to create animated gifs with Photoshop

How to make animated GIFs with CS5/6, a six-step process that can take fewer than 5 minutes. 1. Identify clip 2. Create raw footage (from sites to iMovie to Snapz Pro X or Snagit) 3. Import into Photoshop 4. Edit 5. Optimize file size and save 6. Preview and share Grab all the details from […]

Timeline JS walk-thru

Timeline JS is an open-source timeline tool built in javascript by NU prof Zach Wise and the Knight Lab. It’s based on a Google Drive spreadsheet, accepts photo, video, Tweets, audio, maps etc and generates fully responsive embed code, so it’s Next Gen friendly. Examples Chief Keef Mike Ditka (not this one) Boston Marathon bombing […]

Documentcloud walk-thru

DocumentCloud is one of the best tools for archiving original source documents, as well as a very powerful public way to create a deeper online experience and aid in transparency. Here’s the latest version of the DocumentCloud primer. And here’s a few examples as to how we’ve used it: Single annotated document: FRA derailment support […]

Scribblelive tutorial, walk-thru

Scribblelive is a creation/curation tool can accommodate a wide variety of social posts and original content. A Scribble event can support: Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, NDN, Soundcloud and Vimeo. Events purport to support Facebook but really don’t due to privacy settings, and do not consistently support Imgur, Linkedin or Google+. You also can styled […]

Chartbeat 101

Chartbeat is real-time analytics software that checks in every few seconds with your site’s users to see where they are, what they’re doing and how they got there. And because it checks in every few seconds, it can determine how long users are spending on that content – engaged time. From Chartbeat: “Engaged time is […]

Exploring interactive chart tools: Infogram, Datawrapper and Google Charts

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This week I explored four data visualization tools to build interactive charts: Google Fusion Tables, Datawrapper, and Google Charts. As Fusion Tables is being phased out for charts, the latter three our your best choices. Google Charts, however, requires a somewhat higher skill level than the browser-based Datawraper and Download the sample data […]

SEO best practices

Keywords form the basis on your slug, give you guidance on what terms should be in your SEO title and story-level headline, and comprise your SEO Keyphrase (keywords) field in P2P. Your content’s success in natural search and on Google News can hinge on how well you’ve identified and used keywords. Background To recap, your […]

Social media analytics: Simply Measured, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics

1. Simply Measured Simply Measured is a social media metrics tool that allows analysis and measurement across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Linkedin, Vine and Tumblr. It allows you to run basic and trend reports on a single account or run comparative reports on data sets of multiple accounts. Much of the analysis is based […]

Juxtapose JS tutorial

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Juxtapose JS is a relatively new Knightlab tool designed by Alex Duner that allows users to juxtapose two photos in a single responsive display, highlighting both differences and similarities. It’s ideal for those before-and-after photos, such as development or aerial shots of tornado damage. Simply go to the web app, plug in both of your […]