Exploring interactive chart tools: Infogram, Datawrapper and Google Charts

This week I explored four data visualization tools to build interactive charts: Google Fusion Tables, Datawrapper, Infogr.am and Google Charts.

As Fusion Tables is being phased out for charts, the latter three our your best choices. Google Charts, however, requires a somewhat higher skill level than the browser-based Datawraper and Infogr.am.

Download the sample data here.

What can be done? Pretty decent stuff.

1. Datawrapper line chart of January weather
2. Datawrapper line chart of historic snowfall totals
3. Infogr.am tree chart of Chicago’s top Twitter accounts

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  1. Ivor van Rensburg says:

    Hi Kurt

    I was watching a video on Youtube and wanted your advice on Google Maps, could you possibly send me your email address.

    Many thanks


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