Social media analytics: Simply Measured, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics

1. Simply Measured

Simply Measured is a social media metrics tool that allows analysis and measurement across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Linkedin, Vine and Tumblr. It allows you to run basic and trend reports on a single account or run comparative reports on data sets of multiple accounts.

Much of the analysis is based on tracking “engagement” of a post, a composite figure based on likes, RTs, comments, replies, shares and favorites, depending on the channel.

Twitter Account Report

The report allows you to track: potential reach, when tweets were sent, what type of engagement that tweet had, if a tweet had multimedia, user profiles, keywords, platform, clients, DMA and top tweets by engagement (RTs + replies + favorites).

Facebook Fan Page Report

This report tracks the number of brand posts, top users, keywords, and top posts by engagement (likes + comments + shares)

Multiple Twitter Channel Analysis

This allows you to run queries against data sets you create that include multiple social media channels.

Social Traffic Report

Pulls Google Analytic data. Generally stuff you can get in Omniture or Google Analytics. like top social sites. The report does trend social media pages per visit against # of visits. It also features a concise dashboard profiling social visits vs. all other visits.

Website Influencer Report

Pulls Google Analytics data. Displays top users and top tweets driving visits to your site.

Limitations to Simply Measured?

It’s always not real time. They scrape a full day’s report in the “early AM hours,” according to a Simply Measured rep. So, if you run a report throughout the day, it may be missing data, Also, both Facebook and Twitter offer deeper dives into the data through Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics.

2. Twitter analytics

The Twitter Analytics page displays general data on engagement, including a month-long graph on engagement. But its strength is its granularity. It shows link clicks, follows, whether a person viewed multimedia or expanded the tweet, and how it performed over time.

The Followers page features a graph that tracks overall follower growth, but also highlights what followers are interested in, who they are and where they are located.

More? Twitter’s official blog post

3. Facebook Insights

The Insights tool offers a more robust set of data on your Facebook page, focused on engagement, reach and profiles of your fans, defaulting to the last seven days. For your metrics, your can look at data including content post time, reach, likes, shares and comments. It charts most trends over time. For the user profile, the data includes city, language, gender and age.

Valuable reports

• When are your fans online? Posts > top graph
• Do you want to search by negative feedback? You can toggle over to sort by like hides, spam reports etc, showing highlighting perhaps your least effective posts.
• What posts brought people to your page? Visits > External referrers

4. Muckrack

“Who Shared My Link” tool

Great free tool to quickly run data on a single URL and look at social shares across all platforms if you only want a quick, quick look.

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